There are has been a lot of changes in the world of mobile apps. These changes are a good signal that there will also be more challenges. It becomes imperative to understand the wave of things so has to prepare for these challenges.
Well known to us is the fact that mobile app is an application software which function’s on phones (smartphone), tablets, computers or any other mobile device.It is expected that in interacting with any mobile app, there should be maximum satisfaction for users, it should be easy to operate, and must be very pleasurable. Hence the challenge. How can mobile app keep up with UX (user’s experience design)? UX is a way of improving on a product in other to increase the satisfaction it gives, by making it more durable, perform better and more pleasurable.



In other to overcome the challenge we need to look at what gives most users satisfaction in a mobile app.

  • Most users of any mobile app on the average make use of the message app more than others. Very many people send SMS messages, love to chat on quiet a number of platforms.
  • Better still is the wave of being able to speak to a mobile app and get results faster. A good example is the use of bots when needing an information on any topic. The bot (robot voice installed) makes quick search and gives you an adequate answer.
    It is believed that the speech initiated communication platforms will become more popular and may even take over the messaging system. They could operate as a separate app or an incorporatedplatform.

  • Mobile app has been around for quite a while and has become essential in its use because it is reliable. Since its users are not limited to any class of people, demand for it is on the rise. As a result of the diversity of users there is bound to be diversity of usage. Which means that sometimes there could be an abuse or misuse of these mobile apps. Where this is the case users are faced with challenges which gives an inaccurate impression of the apps.
  • To deal with this situation specific reviews on a mobile app should be analysed. With a qualityanalysis, apps can be improved upon for better usage.


  • It is possible to develop mobile apps in a personalized template with the help of a user’s interface design (UI). This makes the device more user friendly and adaptability is increased.
  • With a mobile devices been able to a lot of processing, it is becoming clear that much more can be achieved through them. Virtually all human endeavour are beenimpacted. Talk of tourism, fashion, engineering, medical science, economy, education etc. with this development there is bound to be an increase on the demand and use of mobile apps.

  • Finally an upgrade of the navigation system in a mobile app will go a long way to enhance user’s experience. When it becomes easy to move through apps on a mobile device, users will enjoy the usage better and it will be convenient and comfortable.


    In it all we must understand that the dependence on these mobile apps has greatly increased hence the need for all hands to be on deck to make them more user friendly.

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