Buy Best Binoculars in 2019 for Birdwatching & Stargazing

While most of us may have seen or used binoculars, buying them is a rare phenomenon since most don’t usually have the need to use it except for rare sight-seeing spot that requires their use during the vacation. But there are some people such as nature enthusiasts, sports fanatics or bird watchers that look for particular specifications or features in the device. Finding the best birding binoculars below $500 (cheap & branded), the following are some tips that people should employ to get nothing less than the best binoculars in the market:

Check the magnification power of the binocular:

Always check the magnification power of the binocular that is written with x before buying it. So, if you choose to buy a device with 10x power, then you will be able to look at an object 1,000 meters in the distance as if it is just 100 meters away from you. Usually, devices with magnifications between 7x to 12x are considered to be best for regular use.

Choose the binocular according to your use:

You will find several binoculars in the market; each designed for a particular occasion. For instance, if you are travelling, you might want to go for compact and lightweight models that have a mid-range field of view and magnification. On the other hand, if you are going to a place with water bodies, then a waterproof device with a broad field of view that has vibration reduction is your best choice.

Buy the binocular with the correct lens

The diameter of the objective lens that is situated opposite to eyepiece is also a crucial factor that you should pay attention to if you want to buy the best binoculars in the market. If you need a device for low light conditions, then the device with a bigger diameter like 8x40 lenses is a better choice than with 8x25 lenses as it creates a much brighter image. You should also take coating and quality of the lens into account to view a clear image with better contrast.


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